Fanshawe College

Archival Collection

Welcome to the Fanshawe College Archives: Access to Memory.

The records, documents, artifacts and memorabilia stored here serve as the memory of our college and illustrates our history, growth and development. This is the designated repository for all permanently valued records of Fanshawe College.

Browsing the Archives:

  • To browse by department, click the "Archival Descriptions" link on the browse menu to the right. There you will find a list of all departments we have a collection for. The department collection will be broken down into series' that are catalogued chronologically and by the functions and activities of the department.

  • To search with keywords, type the word into the search box in the top menu and press enter.

  • To browse digital objects (photographs, yearbooks, course calendars etc...), click the drop-down menu on the search bar, and click "Digital Objects". This will bring up a grid of all of the digital objects we have in the entire collection.

For archival questions and assistance, please contact:

Tammy Pulinec, Archivist